Pictures... I hate that word. I run and make up an excuse each time a camera comes out! So I have some pictures, and plan on taking more as I get some of this weight off. But here are some starting pictures of us.

Starting: March 5, 2013
Nathan: 340
Rori: 290

 This is Nathan when we went to the ocean a few months ago
This is the most current photo of me. A friend of mine is an amazing photographer (N.D. Robbs) and she talked me into family photos, which I was going to wait until I was skinny..... I would still be waiting. While I don't like the photos of me, because I miss the old me, I love how she captured our family!! Thank you Nickie!!!

This is my Dad and I on our last fishing trip. While we were super excited to be out on the water and with great friends, neither one of us were comfortable in our skin. And neither of us were healthy at all!!

 This is Nathan when he first had to get his sleep ap machine.

This is our family. I don't mind this photo too much because I could I hide behind everyone.
This is my favorite picture - but I remember when it was taken, I wanted to hide. I didn't want to be in the front of the photo. I was ok with the other ones taken, because I was hidden in the back. I know these thoughts should never go through any ones mind!

This is me and my girls! MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF US EVER!!! But we were sitting on a curb to take the photo. I remember when I went to get back up, I couldn't. I needed help. I don't ever want to be there again.


This was taken in July 2012. My Dad and I go on a annual fishing trip... This was my first fish. While I was excited, I didn't want my photo taken.

This was Nathan this past summer - 2012

And this.... This was taken when we were first dating, in 2003. I had a baby less then a year prior to this and I still looked good. I would give anything to be back there again. I WILL BE!!! But it will take time!!

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